T2-18A​ Dây tín hiệu Oyaide HPSC-35R


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The line in/out Y-cable with stereo mini phone and stereo RCA plugs.

With the development of portable / desktop audio, the demand for 3.5 stereo mini-RCA cable to connect PCs, high resolution player, smartphone to audio equipment is increasing year by year. In Oyaide Electric Co., Ltd., we quickly recognized these needs and commercialized the HPC - 35R, which brings together our cable technologies, in 2009 and was accepted with a crowd of many audio files. Even now the times have progressed and wireless environments are beginning to show prosperity, there is still a lot of cable demand to enjoy the high bit / high rate sound source with better sound, and this enthusiastic voice has redefined the HPC - 35R in full , We will respond with the new product "HPSC-35R". Signal and shield conductor adopt precision conductor "102 SSC" produced by Oyaide Electric. From faint high frequencies to powerful low frequencies, we will faithfully transmit voice signals without stagnation. Furthermore, "100% pure silk interposing" and "100% pure silk jacket" with cushioning property and static electricity suppressing effect greatly reduce noise caused by vibration and static electricity. Mosaic-like cable color overflowing with luxury matches any audio equipment. Designed exclusively for "HPSC-35R", a 3.5 stereo mini plug / RCA plug plated with silver / rhodium is carefully handled by a skilled worker in Japan with the exclusive sound solder "SS-47" It was soldered. It is the appearance of the premium 3.5 stereo mini-RCA cable "HPSC-35R" which made everything from cable to plug.

Giá/sợi 1,3m


Tư vấn kĩ thuật, phương pháp gia công, chia sẻ audio: 0908000055 / Zalo (Dũng Audio)

Nhận báo giá, đặt hàng và vận chuyển hàng hoá: 0902688294 / Zalo (Thư Nguyễn)

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  • Ngân hàng Vietcombank
  • Chủ tài khoản: Nguyễn Quang Dũng
  • Số tài khoản: 0531008000055

Hoạt động: 8h30 đến 18h từ thứ 2 đến thứ 7, nghỉ Chủ Nhật

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